Synergy vs Sharemouse vs Input Director – the best keyboard and mouse sharing solution

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Having spent the last few months working with Synergy, which allows me to use one keyboard and mouse for multiple computers, there were a few nagging issues with synergy that prompted me to look for an alternative.

I was having all sort of issues with the UAC, functions, whereby synergy would stop working, Even if I turned off UAC, but ran a task such as windows image backup it would still stop everytime the keyboard and mouse.

Having Read Jack Busch’s post on Sharemouse vs Synergy, I though  Sharemouse would be the best option. With its additional features such as copy to clipboard from one machine to another, windows and Mac compatibility including concurrently, plus drag and drop facilities.

However, the caveat with Sharemouse is you have to pay for the pro version if you have 2 or more monitors 😦

For me, the best solution was Input Director. With many free features and it allows me up to 8 monitors per machine, which is plenty for me!

6 thoughts on “Synergy vs Sharemouse vs Input Director – the best keyboard and mouse sharing solution

  1. Doesn’t seem to be any development for Input Director and installation is similar to Synergy. Due to Synergy’s problems with copy/paste/shift keys and numerous other nicks and picks issues, I decided to throw down the gauntlet and take the dive into ShareMouse. ShareMouse seems to have existing support. The price is hefty compared to Synergy, Input Director, Mouse without borders, and Multiplicity, but installation of ShareMouse couldn’t be easier. I did not have to worry about configuring firewall and did not need to dig up the IP address of the computers as it shows you the needed info automatically. Unlike Synergy, I have not had to restart the services every two to three copy/paste or every 30 minutes, because copy/paste from Synergy will stop working after a period of time. Mouse without a border by Microsoft worked on two of my systems but did not work for my 3rd system, so I ultimately gave up on it. Multiplicity trial software didn’t work for me and I couldn’t find much info on it so I gave up on it. ShareMouse copy/paste works well and I have not had any issues where it stopped working in the middle of the day. ShareMouse gave me a bonus that Synergy couldn’t do, drag ‘n drop file transfer! It worked with screenshot files I so often use… yay!! Unlike Synergy, ShareMouse also allows my systems to lock when screensaver kicks in… but at the same time I am able to unlock it using ShareMouse. It works with Windows 7/8.1. I see it is suppose to work with Mac OS, but I have not tried it since I don’t use Mac for work, only personal usage.

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  3. Input director is still my preffered choice is using it for Windows Only. However, I recently wrote a post on cross-platform keyboard and mouse sharing:

    The issue with Input Director is that it doesn’t work in Linux. Please correct me if i’m wrong in that assumption, as i’m new to Linux, but there is no native installer for Input Director for Linux, and you can’t run it in WINE. See:

    Synergy let’s me share my keyboard in Linux with a Windows machine for example, providing you have the same versions of Synergy on each machine. If Input Director supported Linux it would be the better option. I love the copy and paste features from one machine to another, for example and Synergy doesn’t offer this the last time i looked.

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